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Hillside Development Standards

Hillside Development Standards Introduced (not yet adopted) November 16, 2004

On August 31, 2004, the City Council voted 4-1 to have staff draft an ordinance revising the Zoning Code as follows:

1. Change the maximum floor area ratio from .20 to .10 for the portion of any lot in the ROS, R1R, and R1 Zones larger than 10,000 square feet.

2. Establish a lot steepness limit of a maximum "average current slope" of 67% (33.8 degrees) in the ROS, R1R, and R1 Zones -- This would prohibit new house (including replacement house) development on lots steeper than 67%, including lots with pads, since the "average current slope" calculation continues to be based on the entire lot.

3. Reduce the maximum height limit for houses in the ROS and R1R Zones to 25 feet or 28 feet for portions of the house that have a sloping roof with a minimum pitch of 3 feet in 12 feet (the same standard as the R1 Zone) -- No specific story limit is included. The current height limit is 32 feet or 35 feet for portions of the house that have a sloping roof with a minimum pitch of 3 feet in 12 feet and a maximum of 2 stories or 3 stories where the lot slope is greater than 40%. This new standard would, of course, apply to new houses, replacement houses, and additions to existing houses. The measurement is from the lowest point of the house where it meets the ground to the highest point of the roof or parapet wall. Prior to the changes adopted by the Council in March, 2004, the maximum overall height was 40 feet and measured to the highest "plate line".

Hillside Development Standards Adopted March, 2004

The Glendale City Council adopted the new hillside development regulations listed below on March 23, 2004. The regulations will become effective on April 22, 2004.

  1. Decrease building height (max. 32/35 ft.; 2 stories, except 3 stories allowed where average current slope in area of house is 40% or steeper) and change measurement to overall height (ROS and R1R);

  2. Eliminate minimum house size allowance of 2,200 square feet (ROS, R1R, R1);

  3. Reduce maximum driveway slope to 20% (ROS, R1R, and R1);

  4. Change maximum PRD Overlay Zone density to .45 dwelling units per acre (consistent with conventional subdivisions in ROS and R1R);

  5. Change "average current slope" calculation to be based on 2-foot contour interval;

  6. Change "floor area" requirements to include any garage area larger than 500 square feet (for homes under 3,500 square feet) or 700 square feet (for homes 3,500 square feet or larger) (ROS, R1R, and R1);

  7. Require maintenance of landscaping according to approved plans for 5 years (ROS and R1R); and

  8. Projects will be exempt from new standards if they have planning approval (design review, conditional use permit, or variance) in ROS, R1R, and R1 on April 21, 2004 (for the remainder of the two-year effective period of the planning approval according to present Code) or are on appeal by that date.

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