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'Tween First and Second Grades

'Tween First and Second Grade
Check the jE section at the Library for these and other titles for readers whose skills are developing beyond the first readers. Click on the book cover to check current availability of a title, using the back arrow to return to the list.

Bones and the Math Test Mystery
David A. Adler
Detective Jeffrey Bones hates taking math tests, especially one he has forgotten to study for, so when his test paper goes missing he must make a choice. 
Tumbleweed Stew
Susan Stevens Crummel
Jack Rabbit tricks the other animals into helping him make a pot of tumbleweed stew
It's Justin Time, Amber Brown 
Paula Danziger
Unlike her best friend Justin, Amber Brown loves to measure time and hopes to receive a watch on her seventh birthday.
Get that Pest!
Erin Douglas
When a farmer and his wife discover that something is stealing the eggs laid by their ten red hens, they set up elaborate traps to catch the thief.
Why the Frog Has Big Eyes
Betsy Franco
A fable explaining how a staring contest left frogs with large eyes.
The Pizza That We Made
Joan Holub
Three young cooks have fun making their own pizza, cleaning up their mess, and eating hot slices!
Abby Cadabra, Super Speller
Joan Holub
Abby is the best speller in the class until a new witch shows up at school and the two of them compete in a spelling bee to see who will win a new broomstick.
A Bed Full of Cats
Holly Keller
Lee fears he has lost his pet cat Flora, until Flora returns with a new family.
The Bookstore Burglar
Barbara Maitland
Cobweb the cat and her best friends, who are mice, save the spooky Black Cat Bookstore from a burglar who says he doesn't believe in ghosts.
A Pony Named Peanut
Sindy McKay
Jessica's mother has sent her to spend the summer with her aunt and uncle in the country. At first she hates the country, but then she meets a special pony that has been rescued from an animal shelter.
The Day the Sheep Showed Up
David McPhail
When a new animal comes to the barnyard, the animals try to determine which one of them it resembles--since it is white like the duck, has four legs like the pig, and eats clover like the cow.
On the Way to the Pond
Angela Shelf Medearis 
While going on a picnic together, Herbert Hippo teases Tess Tiger about all of the things she has brought along, until he learns just how important they can be.
Boots for Beth
Alex Moran
When Beth the pig's favorite boots become too small, her friends help her find the perfect new pair.
Annie and Bo and the Big Surprise
Elizabeth Partridge
Bo bakes a full moon cake as a surprise for his friend Annie, but the outcome is unexpected
Hamster Chase
Anastasia Suen
The class hamster gets loose and it's up to Peter, Amy, and Archie to find him and lure him back into his cage.
The Purple Snerd
Rozanne Lanczak Williams
When an imaginary creature appears under the porch, Fern looks in her book to determine its name, decides it's a purple snerd, and spends the day playing with it.
The Teeny-Tiny Woman
retold by Harriet Ziefert
A teeny-tiny woman finds a teeny-tiny bone in a graveyard and takes it home to make soup, but changes her mind during the night.
A Dozen Dozens
Harriet Ziefert
Illustrations and rhyming text present dozens--or half-dozens--of pigs, tulips, apples, eggs, socks, babies, and more. 
The Princess and the Pea
retold by Harriet Ziefert
The queen has a plan to help the prince find a real princess to marry.
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