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State Reports

State Reports
Getting Ready
  • Know the name of your state.
  • Know what your teacher wants you to include in your report.
  • Ask your school librarian or teacher to help you find materials in your school library.
  • Look for more information at any Glendale Public Library location. You may borrow library     materials to work with at home by using your free library card, or you may work with materials in the library.
  • Take your teacher's directions (assignment), pencils and paper or notecards to the library.
At The Library
  • Books of information are called non-fiction.
  • All non-fiction books have a number, known as a call number. The call number for every book owned by Glendale Public Library is shown in the library's computer and also on the book's side (spine).
  • Books on put on library shelves in numerical order - from the lowest call number (000) to the highest call number (999). A "j" is added for children's books.
  • The call numbers for most books about states are between j 917.3 and j 917.98 or j973 and j979.8. Look in the computer to find the exact call numbers for your state.
Reference Books
  • Books kept at the library permanently are called reference books. They have an "R" before their number. You may use reference books at the library or photocopy the information or pictures you need to use at home.
  • Some very helpful reference books are:
    • Rj 912.73 National Geographic Picture Atlas of Our Fifty States
    • Rj 030 World Book Encyclopedia
    • Rj 030 World Almanac and Book of Facts
    • Rj 929 State Names, Seals, Flags and Symbols
  • Encyclopedias also include articles about each state.
  • You may borrow some encyclopedias, such as the World Book (j 030) for a week.
  • Books of maps, called atlases, are found in the j 912 area.
  • The general books about your state may also have maps.
Pictures and Pamphlets
  • Look for more pictures and information in the pamphlet file.
  • Please photocopy pictures, drawings or maps you wish to trace or use in your report.
Helpful Hints
  • The World Almanac and Book of Facts lists the place to get free tourist information in each article about a state. Telephone or write to ask for material as soon as your report is assigned. It may take time to get information back.
  • Plan carefully. Many materials for your report may only be borrowed from the Library for a week.
  • The World Book Encyclopedia has a helpful "Study Aid" section at the end of each article about a state.
  • Notecards are easier to arrange and rearrange than sheets of paper.
  • Write down the title, author, publisher, city, copyright date and page numbers of each book you use. You may need this information for a bibliography.
  • You may photocopy the information, pictures or maps in most library books.
  • You may not cut or damage library books, magazines or pamphlets. Purposely damaging library materials is against the law.
  • There are materials for your report in all the Glendale Public Library locations except Brand Library.
  • The Children's Librarians want to help you find what you need to make your report a good one. Please ask us for help.
Homework Helpers
Children's Room

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