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Princess Stories 

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Arthur's Really Helpful Bedtime Stories
Marc Brown
Ten classic tales are retold with Arthur the aardvark and his friends assuming the key roles.
Kitty Princess and the Newspaper Dress
Emma Carlow
 As her amused Fairy Godmouse looks on, Kitty Princess rudely orders people to maker her shoes, jewelry and a dress for the ball without even knowing that she is speaking to the wrong people.

Princess Smartypants Rules
Babette Cole
Princess Smartypants discovers that it is easier to capture evildoers and rule the kingdom of Totaloonia than to control one small baby.

  Lottie's Princess Dress
Doris Dorrie
When Lottie persuades her mother to let her wear her sparkly gold dress to school, the day becomes very special.
  The Princess Knight
Cornelia Funke
A princess decides that she is going to be a knight just like her three brothers.
  Puss in Boots
Charles Perrault
A poor young man gains a fortune and meets a beautiful princess when his cat outwits an evil giant.
  Arthur's Tractor
Pippa Goodheart
Unaware that a princess in distress and a dragon on the loose are right behind him, Arthur the farmer thinks that the strange noises he keeps hearing are being made by his tractor.
  The Witch Who Wanted to Be A Princess
Lois G. Grambling
When a grand wizard puts a ban on witches changing themselves tor princesses, Bella must marry a real prince to make her dream come true.
  The Most Wonderful Egg in the World
Helme Heine
The king must choose the most beautiful egg laid by three hens, one of which he will then make a princess.
  Angelina and the Princess
Katharine Holabird
Angelina is too sick to dance well during the tryouts for the lead in the "Princess of Mouseland" ballet but when the leading ballerina sprains her foot, Angelina is ready to prove she is the best dancer of all.
  The Paper Princess
Elisa Kleven
A little girl makes a picture of a princess that comes to life and is carried off by the wind.
  Once Upon A Time, the End
Geoffrey Kloske & Barry Blitt
A tired father takes only a few sentences to tell a number of classics tales like the "Princess Pea" in order to get the persistent listener to fall asleep.
  Good Night, Princess Pruney-Toes
Lisa McCourt
With the help of her loyal subject, Sir Daddy, a young girl pretends to be a princess as she gets ready for bed.
  Paper Bag Princess
Robert Munsch
Brave Princess Elizabeth outsmarts a wicked dragon to save her prince.
  Princess Chamomile's Garden
Hiawyn Oran
After working with the royal gardener, Princess Chamomile decides that she would really like to create a garden of her own.
  Wash Your Hands!
Tony Ross
When the little princess hears about the germs and nasties living all around her, she understands the importance of washing her hands a lot.
  A Princess in Boxland
Tanja Szekessy
Marie, who knows she is a princess even though she does not look it, finds a magical red umbrella that transports her to a magical world.

Many Moons
James Thurber
Though many try, only the court jester is able to fulfill Princess Lenore's wish for the moon.

  Tumble Tower
Anne Tyler
A very messy princess in a very tidy royal family has the opportunity to prove that there are advantages to not being neat.
  Falling for Rapunzel
Leah Wilcox
A prince tries to get Rapunzel to throw down her hair so he can rescue her but she mishears him and throws down random objects from her room instead.
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