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Pathfinder - Constellations

This pathfinder has been designed as a guide to get you started with your report. It contains, reference books, books you can check out, computer links to helpful sites and videos. While the books listed here are just some of the titles available in the Library, others may be found in the same section. The Librarians will help you find any additional material you may need to complete your research.


The following may be checked out. Remember these are only some of the books available on this topic. To find other books that may have additional material for you look in j520, j523.3 and j523.8. 
j 520 LIP
Lippincott, Kristen
Explore the planets and stars of the universe, and discover the mysteries of the oldest science.
j 520 MEC
Mechler, Gary
National Audubon Society First Field Guide: Night Sky
A field guide to the night sky, explaining through text and maps how to locate and identify stars, planets, meteors, comets, and constellations.
j 520 MIT
Mitton, Jacqueline
Stars and Planets
An introduction to astronomy with an emphasis on the characteristics and interrelationship of the stars and planets in our galaxy.
j 520
Stott, Carole
Night Sky
Describes and illustrates the astronomical aspects of the sky, including constellations, planets, moons, and the astronomer's role in observing these.
j 523.8 HAT
Hatchett, Clint
The Glow-in-the-Dark Night Sky Book
Star maps of the with accompanying pictures of the characters and creatures the ancients imagined in the star groups and a brief story on each. The constellations glow in the dark.
j c523.38 SIP
Sipiera, Diane M. and Paul P. Sipiera
Identifies the groups of stars known as constellations and discusses their origin, uses, and observation.
j 523.8 SAS
Sasaki, Chris
Constellations: the Stars and Stories.
Learn what all 88 constellations look like and where they are. Read the myths, legends, and stories that people have told about them. And use the many sky maps to explore the Universe.

j 745.5 ROS
Ross, Kathy
Crafts for Kids Who are Wild about Outer Space
Provides instructions for twenty projects, creating such things as a planet mobile, constellation tack board, space helmet, moon buggy, pop-up alien puppet, and rocket pin.
j 398.2 L
retold by Alison Lurie ; with pictures by Monika Beisner
The Heavenly Zoo: Legends and Tales of the Stars
Sixteen legends of the constellations and how they got their names, taken from such varied sources as ancient Greece, Babylon, Egypt, Sumeria, the Bible, Norway, the Balkans, Indonesia, and the American Indians.
The Constellations
Find information and images on equatorial, austral, and boreal constellations.
Constellations and Their Stars
Describes what constellations are, and provides information and images on major constellations, stars, and Messer Objects.
Mythology of the Constellations
Find information on the origins and mythology of the constellations.

Space Hooper Constellation Game.
Test your knowledge by identifying the constellations by image or description. 

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