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Pathfinder - Ancient Egypt

This pathfinder has been designed as a guide to get you started with your report. It contains, reference books, books you can check out, computer links to helpful sites and videos. While the books listed here are just some of the titles available in the Library, others may be found in the same section. The Librarians will help you find any additional material you may need to complete your research.


These books can not be checked out but are always available for you to use whenever you visit the library and can be found in the Reference Section.

j 932 BAK
Baker III, Charles F. and Rosalie F.

Ancient Egyptians: People of the pyramids

Chronicles the time periods and rulers of ancient Egypt.

j 932 HAR
Harris, Geraldine and Delia Pemberton
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt
Brief articles on all facets of Egyptian life and culture.

j 932 MAR
Marston, Elsa

The Ancient Egyptians

Introduces the customs, important events, religions, and famous people of ancient Egypt and includes a timeline of the Egyptian dynasties.

j 932 PER
Perl, Lila

Mummies, Tombs and Treasure: Secrets of Ancient Egypt

Text and photographs examine the mummies and tombs of ancient Egypt.

j 932 SMI
Smith, Brenda
Egypt of the Pharaohs
Discusses the dynasties of the Egyptian pharaohs and the impact of their rule on their own country and the ancient world.

  j 932.01 HAR
Hart, George

Ancient Egypt
Contains many pictures of objects found in tombs and other sites as well as information on the different aspects of the culture of ancient Egypt.


The following may be checked out. Remember these are only some of the books available on the topic of ancient Egypt. 
j299.31 FIS
Fisher, Leonard Everett

The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt
Tells the history of the gods and goddesses worshipped by the ancient Egyptians and describes how they were depicted.
j299.31 NAR
Nardo, Don

Egyptian Mythology
Discusses various Egyptian myths, including creation stories and histories of principal gods and goddesses, along with background information and discussion questions and answers.
j743.89 RAP
Raphael, Elaine and Don Bolognese

Drawing History: Ancient Egypt
A guide to the history and art of ancient Egypt through the drawings and illustrations found on the Pharoahs' tombs, mummies, and sculptures and includes tips on drawing them yourself.
j932.01 MIL
Millard, Anne

Going to War in Ancient Egypt
Include information on all aspects of the Egyptian military from the armies and their training to the battles on land and sea.
j932.01 MOR
Morris, Neil

The Atlas of Ancient Egypt
Lots of maps and pictures of artifacts from the period.
932 HAR
Harris, Geraldine

Ancient Egypt
Maps, charts, illustrations, and text explore the history and culture of ancient Egypt.

j932 NAR
Nardo, Don

Ancient Egypt
Provides a history of ancient Egypt, with emphasis on religion and politics, and discusses such modern-day discoveries as King Tut's tomb through which that history was revealed.
j932 OSB
Osborne, Will and Mary Pope

Mummies and Pyramids: a non-fiction companion to Mummies in the Morning
From the why to the how this provides information on mummies and their treasures.
j932 PUT
Putnam, James

Contains many good illustrations of artifacts from ancient Egypt
j932 WAL
Walker, Jane

100 Things You Should Know About Ancient Egypt
Introduces you to one of the most fascinating civilizations of all time. Exactly 100 facts accompanied by detailed artwork reveal the secrets at the heart of ancient Egypt
For additional links on ancient Egypt go to the Ancient Cultures page in the Homework Help section.

Ancient Egypt
Find additional information on Egyptian daily life, geography, gods and goddesses, mummies, pyramids and trades at the British Museum.

The Ancient Egypt Site
History, monuments, language and quick facts about Ancient Egypt are available at this site.

Explore Ancient Egypt
View a timeline of ancient Egyptian history.

Online Hieroglyphics Translator
Type your name in and see it as the ancient Egyptians would have.

Neferchichi's Tomb
A fun site with Egyptian clip art you can use to dress up your report.

j932 INT
Into the Great Pyramid
Viewers travel into the Great Pyramid to witness a remote-control robot penetrating a mysterious shaft and see a Egypt's oldest intact sarcophagus unsealed.
932 MYS
Mysteries of Egypt
Experience Egypt's story of civilization as viewed though monuments, landscapes, burial chambers and antiquities.
932 MYS
Mysteries of Egypt
Archaeologists and engineers attempt to duplicate ancient solutions to engineering problems. In this case, the problem is transporting and raising the huge obelisks of ancient Egypt.

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