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Recollections of Glendale Old Timers

Beginning in 1951, the Glendale Historical Society sponsored a series of programs to record the names and memories of Glendale's "Old Timers," a term used by the Society to describe the pioneers and long-time residents of the city. In many cases, the interviewees were born in or moved to Glendale prior to the city's official incorporation in 1906.

The first Historical Society program took place at the Central Library (then located at 319 E. Harvard Street) on November 15, 1951, with numerous Old Timers being interviewed by Carroll Parcher and Guy Allison. Parcher, at the time the publisher and editor of the Glendale News-Press, would later serve as a Glendale City Councilman, acting as mayor for three years during that time. Allison was a noted columnist and historian. Paul Duncan, newly elected as President of the Kiwanis Club in Glendale, served as the Master of Ceremonies. The one- to two-minute interviews and the lively crowd make for an entertaining and relatively fast-paced look back not only at Glendale at the turn of the century, but also at this lively community of Glendalians celebrating the city and its history in 1951.

Subsequent recordings were made on March 20 and May 2, 1952 to capture the recollections of additional Old Timers either because their initial interviews were not properly recorded or because they were not able to attend the initial event. Both sets of subsequent interviews were conducted by radio and stage performer (and Glendale Old Timer) Harry James. James also served as the Director of the Glendale Historical Society. No information is available regarding where these subsequent interviews took place, although they do not appear to have been conducted as part of a program open to the public.

Highlights of the 1952 interviews include an extended interview with Max Green, Postmaster General of the City of Glendale and an interview with Cora Stearns discussing the creation of the Tropico Improvement Society in 1898.

Click for larger view
News clipping from the November 14, 1951 edition of the Glendale News-Press, the day before the Glendale Historical Society conducted interviews with the city's pioneers and long-time residents at the Central Library.

Click for larger view
News clipping from the November 16, 1951 Glendale News Press, the day following the Glendale Historical Society's event. The article provides a list of those interviewed at the program.

Interviewee Interviewer Date of Interview Audio File
Owen Emery, A.M. Fischbach, Henry Miller, Ernest Bashor Carroll Parcher 11-15-51
Gregorio Camergo, Joseph E. Hoeft, Mrs. David Imler, J.F. McIntyre Carroll Parcher 11-15-51
Cal Cannon, Frank Taggert, Mrs. George Rowe, Dr. John H. Richardson, Susie Peck Carroll Parcher,
Guy Allison
Mrs. Fred Spear, Katherine Arter, Allen Arter, Judge Kenneth A. White, Mrs. John Q. Adams, Mary Marrs, R.W. Finch, Elizabeth Hollingsworth, Ollie Logan Guy Allison 11-15-51
Harry James, Mrs. Harry James, Loraine Bailie, Edwin Ayres, Mrs. Edwin Ayres, Leland Smith, Cora Maxwell Guy Allison 11-15-51
Alfred Taliaferro, Nathan C. Briggs (end of 1951 program); March 20, 1952 interviews: Lina Borthick, E.T. Remmen, Dora Verdugo, Kate Harte Wright Guy Allison (1951)
Harry James (1952)
Max Green (Postmaster of the City of Glendale) Harry James 5-2-52
Cora Stearns, Eddie Moniot Harry James 5-2-52

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