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Glendale Historical Society Citations for Service, February 21, 1952

In 1952, the Glendale Historical Society celebrated their second annual Citation Week by holding a ceremony to honor the recipients of the Society's citations at the Richardson D. White School Auditorium.

According to the Glendale News-Press and the audio from the event, an anonymous committee chose Glendale residents "in recognition of the accomplishments that have given them credit to themselves as well as the community in which they live, Glendale, California." Essentially, the citations honored Glendale residents whose contributions and achievements increased the visibility of Glendale on the state and national level.

The program features brief interviews with the honorees from 1952 and 1951 (there was no ceremony the prior year) conducted by Charles Hamilton of radio station KFI, with Paul Duncan serving as the master of ceremonies. Harry James and Legory O' Loughlin assisted Mr. Hamilton in introducing the 1951 citation recipients.

Highlights of the program include interviews with Glendale resident and former Brooklyn Dodger Babe Herman; 1957 Indianapolis 500 winner Sam Hanks; Mrs. John C. Sherer, wife of an early Glendale historian and pioneer; and a spontaneous rendition of "Auld Lang Syne" to close the event.

1952 Glendale Historical Society Citation recipients: Dr. Clifford Cole, Sam Hanks, Floyd C. (Babe) Herman, Mrs. Thomas C. Hill (on behalf of husband), Joseph E. Hoeft, Mark G. McMahon, Anne Rambo, Dr. H.M.S. Richards, Mrs. John C. Sherer (on behalf of husband), Marion Underwood , C. Frank Weller (on behalf of wife Dorothy).

1951 Glendale Historical Society Citation recipients: Dr. J. Whitcombe Brougher Sr., Vince Dundee, Jr. (on behalf of Vince Sr.), Evelyne Hall, Charles Hamilton, Mrs. Rex Mays (on behalf of husband), Mrs. Alexander Mitchell, Marylin Neeley, John H. Richardson, Vere C. Standiford, David E. Wallace, Judy Zuniga.

Citation recipients from 1951 or 1952 unable to attend the ceremony: Frank Albert, Emory Beardsley, Cal Cannon, Bob Dillinger, Vicky Draves, Paul Gallagher, Norman Hayhurst, Jesse Hibbs, Dr. Margaret H. Jones, Clarence Nash, Carroll Parcher.

Additional interviewees not receiving citations: Harold Teague, Hal Curtis, L.F. Perkins.

Click for larger version
News clipping from the November 20, 1952 edition of the Glendale News-Press, the day
before the Glendale Historical Society's Citation Week program at the White School Auditorium.

Citation Recipients & Interviewees Audio File
Marylin Neeley (1951 recipient); 1952 recipients: Floyd C. (Babe) Herman, Mrs. John C. Sherer (on behalf of husband), Mrs. Thomas C. Hill (on behalf of husband), Dr. Clifford Cole, Dr. H.M.S. Richards, Joseph E. Hoeft, Sam Hanks
(1952, continued) Mark G. McMahon, C. Frank Weller (on behalf of wife Dorothy), Anne Rambo, Marion Underwood; 1951 recipients: Hal Curtis, Legory H. O'Loughlin, John H. Richardson, Whitcombe Brougher Sr., David E. Wallace
(1951, continued) Evelyne Hall, Vere C. Standiford, Mrs. Rex Mays (on behalf of husband), Judy Zuniga, Vince Dundee, Jr. (on behalf of Sr.), Mrs. Alexander Mitchell
(1951, continued) Harold Teague, L.F. Perkins; singing of "Auld Lang Syne"

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