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Almanac - A book printed every year which has tables of facts and figures and brief information on many subjects.

Atlas - A book of maps.

Author - A person who writes a story, a book, a play or a poem.

Autobiography - The story of a real person's life written by that person.

Biography - The story of a real person's life.

Book - A group of pages. They are covered with words printed by a machine. The pages are held together with thread or glue.

Call Number - Or "address" of a book, which is shown on the spine of the book and in the online catalog.

Cassette - A holder with plastic tape for playing or recording sound or film.

Catalog of Books - A list of books that the library owns, in the order of the alphabet, including the author, title and subject. The catalog of books may be on cards in drawers, in book form on paper, on microfilm viewed on a screen, or on a computer.

Computer - An electronic machine which solves problems using information or does other work with that information.

Copy Machine - A machine that takes a picture of something and quickly makes another one almost just like it.

Copyright - The exclusive right to publish or sell a certain book, picture, etc., granted by a government for a certain number of years.

Dewey Decimal System - A system used to organize books, pamphlets, etc. Used in many libraries. Each subject is given a specific number (usually used for non-fiction).

Dictionary - A book that explains what words mean. The words are put in the same order as the alphabet. It also tells how to say and how to spell words.

Encyclopedia - A book or set of books giving information on all kinds of things, with the articles in the order of the alphabet.

Entry - Each listing in the catalog for a specific book by author, title, or subject.

Fiction - A story that is made up or is not true or is make-believe.

Globe - A round ball-like object with a map of the earth on it.

Government Document - A pamphlet, booklet or book printed by a city, state or the U.S. government, containing information.

Index - A list of what is in a book, telling on what pages to find each thing. It is usually put at the end of the book and is arranged in the order of the alphabet.

Internet - An electronic communications network that connects computers around the world.

Librarian - A trained person who works in the library who helps people decide what to read, to find books, and who answers questions.

Library - A place where many books, records, cassettes, magazines, newspapers and other things are kept for people to borrow to use at home or to use in the building.

Magazine - A paper-covered group of pages that has stories by different people, and comes out usually every week or every month.

Map - A picture that shows where places are.

Microfiche - Card or sheet of film on which photographs of the pages of books, magazines, newspapers have been made in order to keep them in a very small place. It can then be seen on a special machine.

Microfilm - Roll of film onto which pages of books, magazines and newspapers have been photographed in order to keep them in a very small space. It can then be seen on a special machine.

Microfiche-Microfilm Reader - A machine used to read information that has been made very small by photographing it onto a sheet or roll of film. The machine enlarges the information with light and mirrors so it can be seen on the screen. A copy can then be made on some machines.

Newspaper - A group of large pages usually folded together that have pictures and stories that tell about things that just happened. It is usually printed every day or at least once a week.

Non-fiction - A true story or book about real things.

Pamphlet - A booklet or small book in paper covers, usually kept in a folder in a filing cabinet.

Periodical - A magazine that appears regularly, like weekly or monthly.

Phonograph - A machine that plays records.

Reader's Guide - An index to magazine or periodical articles which helps to find information that appeared in an article. Very good for finding recent or up-to-date information.

Record - A round, flat object that has sound on it such as music or stories, and is played on a phonograph.

Reference Collection - Books in the library that are kept in a separate place that usually cannot be checked out. These books are used by many people to find the answers to their questions.

Special events - Programs that the library has, such as storytime, films, puppet shows, magic shows, plays, singalongs, book discussions, book clubs, and others.

Study areas - A part of the library set aside for people to work and read quietly and where noise should not be made.

Subject - What the book is about.

Table of Contents - A listing in the front of the book in brief form of what is in the book.

Title - The name of the book , story, poem, play or song.

Typewriter - A machine for writing which reproduces letter similar to printed ones.

Web site - A location on the Internet. Each web site contains a "home page" which is the first thing users see when they enter the site. A web site can display information about the person or company that owns it or about many other things.

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