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Library, Arts & Culture Department Exterior Rules of Behavior

The City of Glendale welcomes everyone to use the grounds surrounding the Library. The Exterior Rules of Behavior are designed to ensure the safety of, and respect for, all people, to ensure the maintenance of the grounds and to create a welcoming library environment that encourages use of the Library for the purpose for which it was designed.

To meet these goals the following conduct, behavior and acts are prohibited:

  • Obstructing or interfering with the regular course of City business.
  • Disturbing the peace.
  • Blocking the entrance to the Library building or any other access points.
  • Leaving personal belongings unattended. The Library is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items. Unattended personal items may be disposed of by staff.
  • Storing personal property.
  • Bringing shopping carts onto Library grounds.
  • Littering.
  • Running, fighting or boisterous behavior.
  • Providing entertainment in exchange for money.
  • Filming without a City of Glendale permit.
  • Roller blading, in-line skating, bike riding or skateboarding.
  • Leaving children under the age of nine unattended.
  • Preventing by force, harassment coercion, intimidation, threat, or assault, any person from using the Library for the purpose for which it was designed.
  • Engaging in exhibitionism; voyeurism; or physical, sexual or verbal abuse.
  • Adults loitering with the intention of engaging any minor in unlawful or illegal conduct.
  • Urinating or defecating in anything other than a toilet.
  • Illegal behaviors including, but not limited to, threats; acts of violence; brandishing a weapon; theft; gambling; consumption of alcoholic beverages; being under the influence of, or using or selling alcohol or drugs; and possession of illegal drugs.
  • Engaging in conduct which is incompatible or inconsistent with the operation and purpose of the Library grounds or which prevents others from using the grounds for the purpose for which it was designed.

Violation of any of the Rules of Behavior may result in exclusion from the Library premises for the remainder of the day. Repeated or severe incidents may result in a more extended loss of privileges. A hearing process is available to excluded individuals. While a violation of these Rules of Behavior may not constitute criminal conduct, criminal charges may be filed against anyone who disobeys an order that excludes or suspends them from the Library.

Additionally, the Library, Arts & Culture Department will uphold all state, federal and local laws and ordinances with regard to public behavior. Assistance from the Glendale Police Department will be requested as needed.

These Rules of Behavior were written in consultation with the Glendale City Attorney. The complete Rules of Behavior and procedures for an exclusion hearing as prepared by the City Attorney are available from the Administration Office at the Central Library.


Last modified: Wednesday, November 06, 2013 12:55:34 PM

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