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John Berkeley
A small mouse named Chopsticks who lives on a floating restaurant in China becomes friends with a carved wooden dragon who wants to fly.

Jin Jin the Dragon
Grace Chang
Jin Jin the dragon does not know what kind of creature he he, so he embarks on a journey assisted by other animals he meets along the way to find Old Turtle and Crane, who will help him learn his identity.

The Boy Who Painted Dragons
Ping, a painter of dragons--of which he is secretly afraid--is challenged to seek the truth, find the truth and dare to be true.

The Library Dragon
Carmen Agra Deedy
Miss Lotta Scales is a dragon who believes that her job is to protect the school's library books from the children but when she finally realizes that books are meant to be read, the dragon turns into Miss Lotty librarian and storyteller.

Baby Dragon
Amy Ehrlich
All day, Baby Dragon turns down other animals' offers to go play or find a snack while he waits for his mother to return for him, but a nightfall, he agrees to go with Crocodile to find her.

Arthur's Tractor: A Fairy Tale With Mechanical Parts
Pippa Goodheart
Unaware that a princess in distress and a dragon on the loose are right behind him, Arthur the farmer thinks that the strange noises he keeps hearing are being made by his tractor.

The Reluctant Dragon
Kenneth Grahame
In this illustrated, abridged version of the original, the boy who finds the dragon in the cave knows it is a kindly, harmless one, but how can he convince the frightened villagers and, especially, St. George the dragon killer that there is no cause for concern.

Claire and the Unicorn Happy Ever After
B.G. Hennessy
One night Claire and her toy unicorn, Capricorn journey to a magical land filled with characters from fairytales to find our what makes someone live "happily every after."
There's No Such Thing as a Dragon
Jack Kent
Billy Bixbee's mother won't admit that dragons exist until it is nearly too late. 

Guess What I Found In Dragon Wood?
Timothy Knapman
A young dragon a boy and introduces him to his family, friends and teacher, but it is clear that the boys would like to return to his faraway home.

The Best Pet Of All
David La Rochelle
A young boy enlists the help of a dragon to persuade his mother to let him have a dog as a pet.

Harry on the Rocks
Susan Meddaugh
Harry and his boat become stranded on an island where he discovers an egg which hatches into a strange lizard with wings.
Dragon Pizzeria
Mary Morgan
Two dragons, BeBop and Spike, open a pizzeria in Fairy Tale Land and deliver unique pizzas to various fairytale characters.

The Pet Dragon
Christopher Niemann
When Lin's beloved pet dragon disappears, she searches for him far and wide until a witch helps her to reach the dragon's new home. Introduces a different Chinese character on each step of Lin's adventure.
Raising Dragons
Jerdine Nolen
A farmer's young daughter shares numerous with a dragon that she raises from infancy.

The Dragon Snatcher
M.P. Robertson
George and his dragon go to the "land that is neither here nor there" in order to save a dragon egg from a malevolent ice wizard.


The Egg
M. P. Robertson
George hatches a dragon from a strange egg that he finds and then faces the challenges of raising him properly


Get Well, Good Knight 
Shelley Moore Thomas
A Good Knight helps three little dragons who are in bed with a cold.
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