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Animals at the Nature Center - Animal fact sheets.
Animal Names - Names for the individual animal, young and gender.
Animal Group Names - A list of correct names for a group of animals.
Electronic Zoo - Information and web links for many different types of animals.
All About Birds - General information with printouts and line drawings.
Birds - Search for information on birds by type or specific name.
Emperor Penguins
The Owl Pages - Basic information and pictures of various types of owls.
The Age of Dinosaurs - Interactive site with printable fact sheets.
All About Dinosaurs - Basic facts to dinosaur mythology.
Dino Directory - The Museum of Natural History's dinosaur site.
Dinosaur Eggs - A National Geographic site on dinosaur fossils.
Dinosauria - Information on dinosaur fossils.
Discovering Dinosaurs - Adopt a dinosaur.
Download A Dinosaur - Print out a copy and make a dinosaur.
Zoom Dinosaurs - A wide range of information and printable fact sheets.
Endangered Species
Endangered Species - Web links to various endangered species.
Information on Rare, Threatened and Endangered Mammals - Get information on your animal's biology, history at this site.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Division of Endangered Species - Information and activities on endangered animals in the United States.
FINS:Fish Information Service - Search for information on freshwater and marine fish.
Shark Attack - A NOVA site that covers individual shark habitats, diet and appearance.
Shark School - Shark information and games from the San Diego Museum of Natural History.
Araneae, Spiders of North-West Europe - Spider information and links. 
Butterflies - Search for butterfly information by type or keyword.
Butterfly Farmer - Costa Rican rainforest butterflies.
Insect Information Sheets - Information on appearance, habitats, diet.
Katerpillars (& Mystery Bugs) - All a budding Entomologist needs to know.
Microbe Zoo - Visit this site to get information on earth's tiniest creatures.
Wonderful World of Insects - Information on members of the insect world.
Yucky Roach World - Everything you ever wanted to know about cockroaches.
About Marine Animals - Information on all of the sea mammals.
Bats Bats Everywhere - Get information, take a quiz and play a game. .
The Bear Center - Information on the bears of North America
Cetacea - Background information on whales, dolphins and porpoises.
Panda Cam - Pictures and facts on Pandas from the San Diego Zoo.
Cyber Tiger - You get to be the zookeeper and learn about tigers.
Tigers - Information from around the world on tigers
Care for Pets - Everything you need to know to take care of your pet.
Pet Care Library - Hints on teaching your dog tricks.
Pet Station - Information on birds, reptiles, fish, critters, dogs and cats as pets.
Reptiles and Amphibians - Search by type of animal for a printable fact sheet.
Crocodiles Basic crocodile information and photos.
Field Guide to the San Gabriel Mountains: Lizards - Guide to local lizards.
Turtles - Interactive site with information and turtle crafts.
Homework Helpers Children's Room

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