Just Cause Eviction Ordinance

"An Ordinance of the City of Glendale establishing a requirement that termination of tenancy be brought for good cause and prohibiting retaliation for the exercise of designated rights."

The full text of the ordinance (Chapter 9.30 of the Glendale Municipal Code).

For more information, please refer to the General Information Bulletin*, which includes information on:

  • Twelve Legal Reasons For Evictions In The City Of Glendale
  • Exemptions
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Retaliation

Relocation benefits may apply for Qualified tenants. Please refer to the ordinance to determine if the unit qualifies for relocation benefits, and what amounts may apply.

This ordinance does not apply to:

  • Units located on a lot with 1 or 2 units (including houses);
  • Section 8 units;
  • Units where the property owner has offered a 12 month lease, that qualifies under the ordinance. (See G.M.C. section 9.30.032)
  • Additional exemptions do exist. More information can be obtained from the resources listed below.

For more information about this ordinance please contact neighborhood services at 818-548-3700.

Those needing legal advice should seek the assistance of a private attorney, or may choose to contact the following resources:

  • Housing Rights Center - 626-791-0211 or 1-800-477-5977
  • Neighborhood Legal Services of LA County - 1-800-433-6251

 Just Cause Eviction General Information Bulletin - Available in the following languages:

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