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 Fire Department Plan Check

The Fire Engineering Unit of the Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for all Fire Department plan checks. Plans are required prior to the issuance of any kind of permit. The size, type, and location of the proposed building or fire protection system will dictate the permits and approvals needed. This will also determine the type and number of inspections that will be required throughout the construction process.

Fire Permit fees are subject to a Technology Surcharge when the proposed work is associated with a Building Permit. Project Fire Permit fee totals are estimates only until the final fee total is calculated using the City's computerized fee collection system at time of permit issuance.


Turn-around time for submitted plan review varies with the development activity in the City and subsequently the workload for plan checkers. For an additional fee, an "Express Plan Check" may be available to speed the process. Ask for details at the Permit Services Center counter.

Fire Department personnel are available to answer questions and evaluate plans at the Permit Services Center during their counter hours, 7:00 am to 12:00 pm every day that the City is open. Plan checkers alternate duty on the counter, so call ahead to ask for their specific counter hours.

For further information on the plan review process and on required approvals, call (818) 548-3207 or stop by the Permit Services Center.


According to the Glendale Building and Safety Code, the Fire Department requires and issues permits for a variety of business activities, construction work, operations, practices or functions. Each permit requires the filing of a separate application along with payment of the appropriate fee. Some permits constitute authority for a continuing action, such as operating a place of assembly or a high-rise building, and payment is due annually. Other permits are for one-time activities, such as the installation of fire sprinklers or a special event. Activities, operations and new construction requiring issuance of a permit through the Fire Department are listed in the Glendale Building and Safety Code.

Please be aware that any work requiring a permit may not be started until the plans are approved and the permit is obtained. Work undertaken prior to issuance of a permit is subject to an immediate stop-work notice and collection of fines.

Fire Permit and Fee Schedule

GWP Fire Line Service Connection Charges and Inspection Fees

 Permit Services Center

The Permit Services Center is located at 633 E. Broadway, Suite 101, on the northwest corner of Broadway and Glendale Avenue. The Permit Services Center is your one-stop destination for the various approvals needed to undertake work in Glendale. The Permit Services Center processes all City permit applications required for residential and commercial remodels and new construction projects, including zoning, building, trade, engineering, traffic and fire permits.

Please contact the Building & Safety Division before beginning any project to determine if any permits are required.

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