Arts & Culture Commission

Meeting Time: 3rd Thursday, 2-5 p.m.

Meeting Dates:

Meeting Location: Council Chambers, 613 E. Broadway Ave Map to meeting location

Agendas & Minutes

Commission/Board Member Expiration Date No. of Terms presently completing
Teri Deaver April, 2017 (F) 1
Arlette DerHovanessian April, 2017 (N) 1
Arman Keyvanian June, 2014 (Q) 1
Steven Lee April 2015 (W) 1
Hrayr Sherikian April, 2017 (S) 1

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The Arts & Culture Commission shall plan and provide regular reports to the Council for the arts in Glendale; facilitate interaction among artists; promote art activities and education; recognize achievement in the arts; serve as an advisory group on the arts to the Council and City boards and commissions, and advise the Council on the need for inclusion of, and the role of arts in economic development. In addition, the Commission offers support and assistance to existing organizations involved in the arts and/or culture in Glendale, reinforces the City's identity and civic pride through arts and culture; recognizes the importance of the arts in the City's quality of life, and perform other duties as may be imposed upon it by the City Council.


  • Five members
  • Four year terms
  • Two term limit


At least one member of the Arts and Culture Commission shall be an elected official, an employee, student or a volunteer of the Glendale Unified School District. At least one member of the Arts and Culture Commission shall be an elected official, employee, student or volunteer of a community college, state university, the University of California education system, or a private institution which provides instruction at the college level or higher, or trade or vocational school. Members of the Commission shall be individuals with substantial professional expertise as an artist, designer, or arts administrator in the fields of the performing, visual, folk or literary arts, or architecture, or business community leaders with an acknowledged record of stewardship of the arts. With the exception of students of a school, each member shall be a qualified elector of the city at the time of appointment and during incumbency.

Additional Information

The Library, Arts & Culture Department provide administrative services for the Commission and the Director of Library, Arts & Culture can provide further information concerning Arts & Culture Commission issues.

For additional information, please see the Glendale Municipal Code, Title 2, Chapters 2.36 and 2.62.

Contact Board/Commission Members

Arts and Culture Commission
c/o Library, Arts & Culture
222 East Harvard Street
Glendale, CA 91205

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