Thunderbird Aircraft factory at 900 Allen Avenue in Glendale, 1928.
Inauguration ceremonies of Transcontinental Air Transport's (TAT) first transcontinental passenger and air mail service, July 8, 1929. Attendees included (l. to r.) Captain Charles Spicer, Charles Lindbergh, Los Angeles Mayor John Porter, Glendale Mayor C.E. Kimlin, Congressman W.E. Evans, Douglas Fairbanks Sr., Mary Pickford, and California Governor C.C. Young. 1929.
Slate Aircraft Corporation dirigible hangar and the "City of Glendale," 1929.
Grand Central Air Terminal, 1929.
Mary Pickford christening TAT's "City of Los Angeles" with a bottle of grape juice, since prohibition was in effect,
July 8, 1929.
Post card: Slate's all-metal dirigible the "City of Glendale" at it hangar, 1929.
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